Yeudim was established by the late Bruria Avidan (died in 2019) to create Judaica designed with the Jewish context of the product in mind. The products were designed with a different perspective on the use and purpose of the object itself.
Each item was first examined in terms of its purpose and function, with a close look at the value it embodies and its place in Jewish ritual.
In designing the Judaica items for the Yeudim line, designer Bruria Avidan intended to have each object’s function and role in Jewish ritual dictate the design process and decision-making.
Yeudim is a play on the words ye’udi – designated - and Yehudi - Jewish.
The late designer Bruria Avidan earned her B.F.A and M.F.A. in design from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem. She began to design Judaica as she combined and integrated her religious beliefs and her design aesthetics, two fields very dear to her.
Bruria Avidan has participated in exhibitions in Israel and abroad, and won the prestigious Lockman Prize for Applied Design in 2004. The Wedding Cup was acquired by the Jewish Museum, New York, for its permanent exhibition. 02-5332208 050-8573108 Alex Avidan Yeudim