This unique wine cup is designed for use under the marriage canopy at the Jewish wedding ceremony. It symbolizes the main idea of Jewish marriage, binding two who come together to form a single whole, and becoming a part of the couple relationship to establish a Jewish household and family. Materials: High quality polished aluminum, with bands of silicon. The cup participated in the "Reinventing the Ritual" exhibitions at the Jewish Museum in New York and the Contemporary Jewish Museum of San Francisco. It was purchased for the permanent collection of the Jewish Museum in New York, and is also featured in the book 500 Judaica: Innovative Contemporary Ritual Art (Lark Crafts).
Note: The late Bruria Avidan received halakhic confirmation from Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu and Rabbi Yehoshua Neuwirth that one may recite the blessing over wine in this cup to complete the ceremony.
Cup made out of high quality aluminium 850 NIS. 02-5332208 050-8573108 Alexander Avidan Yeudim